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We worked with Trunked to establish a brand identity, logo, guidelines and persona for use in:

  • Social Marketing
  • E-Commerce platform
  • Branding & Web UI elements

Trunked is a comparison platform that makes it easy to purchase second hand goods within your budget from large marketplaces, and hidden businesses. For each transaction, a seed is planted in a community garden.

Buy Local Online

Trunked was created to provide a positive impact on the local community, environment and to provide a better choice for consumers

To reduce the impact of second hand goods on the environment, Trunked decided to go second-hand first, as well as to ensure whatever is purchased comes with some form of guarantee. Trunked limits sellers to local businesses,with stores that aren’t typically listed online such as op shops.

The second hand industry is currently dominated by consumer to consumer sales, where users typically sell items on sites such as eBay, Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.

Trunked decided from the beginning that an important factor, often overlooked is when purchasing items is the environment. When you first the name,  you think of tree trunks as well as Trunked as in a car boot sale, which are second-hand goods! Trunked is about connecting people to goods they couldn’t really find elsewhere.

Trunked is very close to topre, being one of the first clients both Adam and Daniel worked on together.

"We knew that the brand had to have some form of persona with a matching mascot of sorts."

“The meaning behind the elephant is that it's trunk is always up, helping customers reach items otherwise unavailable”

The logo was derived from a late night McDonalds session with the client, trying to really figure out what the elephant would look like.

Trunked Logo

We worked on the brand guidelines for Trunked, including the business cards and everything they needed to get up and running to service their customers.

You can check out Trunked at

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